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Savannah State University

For 125 years, Savannah State University has been an important part of higher education. As the oldest public Historically Black College University (HBCU) in Georgia and the oldest institution of higher learning in the historic city of Savannah, SSU has served this community with distinction while meeting the educational needs of an increasingly diverse student population.

For 125 years, Savannah State University has been an important part of higher education. As the oldest public Historically Black College University (HBCU) in Georgia and the oldest institution of higher learning in the historic city of Savannah, SSU has served this community with distinction while meeting the educational needs of an increasingly diverse student population.  The 201-acre campus is by far the most picturesque in the state of Georgia. The moss-laden sweeping oak trees, expansive marsh and historic architecture create a resplendent yet tranquil atmosphere. Beneath the beauty and splendor is a vibrant residential campus bursting at the seams with the vim and vigor of quality collegiate life: relevant academic majors, engaging lectures, cutting-edge research, quality student-faculty engagement and a nurturing environment. Learn more at

Student Demographics

Savannah State’s full time enrollment by gender is 2125 males and 2802 females.  The student population is 88% African American/Black, 5% White and 7% international or students who identify with 2 or more races.  The current international student population is 63 students on F-1 visas.  International students come from:  Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Liberia, Cameroon, Togo, Tunisia, South Africa, India, Canada, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Austria, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Bangladesh, Ghana, The Bahamas, Jamaica, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Serbia, Kazakhstan, and United Kingdom

ESL Program and/or Support Services

The English Language Institute prepares non-native English speakers to succeed in undergraduate or graduate studies at an American university. Students who enroll in our program take intensive classes in Listening/Speaking, Writing/Grammar, Reading, and Computer-Assisted Language Learning.  Our Global Friendship Program brings international and US students together to learn about other cultures and the world we live in.

  • have qualified teachers who are caring and friendly
  • take 21 hours of classes each week in Listening/Speaking, Reading, Writing/Grammar
  • converse with English speakers in the Global Friendships Program
  • go to classes on a beautiful campus next to coastal islands
  • enjoy a nice climate in a friendly Southern city
  • live in historic Savannah with lots of opportunities to explore and learn the culture
Student Housing Options

University Housing and Residence Life strives to provide a living environment that is not only comfortable, safe and secure, but also conducive to academic and personal growth. A residence hall is much more than a place to sleep, eat and study. On-campus living provides a wealth of opportunities for developing lasting friendships, participating in co-curricular social and educational activities, and sharing experience with people from different backgrounds, interests, cultures, academic pursuits and aspirations. Residents often study together, participate in campus intramural sports and athletic teams, attend and participate in a wide variety of programs and activities offered in residence, or become involved in the various forms of student government. Being conveniently located on campus makes it easy to take advantage of many opportunities available right at your doorstep.

Learn more at

Application deadlines

International Student application deadlines for undergraduate admission are June 1st, for fall admission and November 1st for Spring admission.  
Graduate program deadline vary by program.  
English Language Institute students may apply at any time.  New sessions begin every 8 weeks.

Admission Requirements for First year and Transfer Students

First year undergraduate International Students must submit an official high school transcript (in English). If from a country where English is not the first language students must submit an internet based TOEFL score of 69 or an IELTS score of 6.0.  If you completed high school in an English speaking country SAT or ACT scores must be submitted.  Students must have a critical reading score of 430 and a math score of 400 on the SAT.  Students taking the ACT exam must have a minimum score of 17 for math and English.

Students wishing to transfer to Savannah State should have completed 30 semester hours of courses at another university.  The student must have taken 2 English courses and a Math course in the 30 hours.  If you are transferring credits from a university outside the United States a transcript evaluation will be required before any credits can be considered for acceptance.

English Language Institute students must submit proof of high school completion and complete an application for the program.

International Student Visas Issued

Savannah State University can issue F 1 student visas.  In addition, we can host J-1 students.

Cost of Attendance and Financial Assistance

  • Undergraduate Tuition (15 or more credit hours) each semester        $ 8,839.00
  • Health Fee                                                     $ 67.00
  • Student Activity Fee                                            $ 55.00
  • Athletic Fee                                            $ 300.00
  • Institutional Fee                                        $ 202.00
  • Student Center/Stadium Facility Fee                                 $ 170.00
  • Transportation Fee                                            $ 35.00
  • Technology Fee                                               $ 50.00
  • Meal Charges                                                $1,972.00
  • Room Charge                                    $2,926.00
  • Post Office Rental Fee                                       $ 9.00
  • Laundry Fee                                                                                       $ 35.00

Semester Total                                                  $ 14,660.00

English Language Institute Fees every 8 weeks:

  • ELI Course costs                                              $1,700.00
  • Program Fees                                                   $226.00    
  • Health Insurance (F-1 visa students only)                          $216.00

Total                                            $2142.00

Student Activities and Campus Life

Savannah State University offers many opportunities for students to be involved in groups and organizations, whether on campus or in the community.  These organizations have different missions including social, service, political, philosophical, and religious.
There are over 70 student organizations here at the University.  We encourage you to become a part of one or more because we know that campus involvement contributes to academic and personal success.  We have an active International Students Association that bring international students and interested Savannah State students together to share common interests.  The organization hosts events on campus like Taste of the World, Music without Borders where students prepare foods from his or her own country to share with other students on campus, while we listen to your favorite music.  This is a very popular and well attended event on campus every year.
The city of Savannah is on the east coast of the United States and we are less than 20 minutes from the beach.  Savannah State is proud to be one of the few universities in the U.S. to have a Marine Science program with direct ocean access!  Downtown Savannah is a beautiful historic area with many parks, historic homes and riverfront shops.


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